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Coaching Style:
Dynamic, Curious, Compassionate

Cathy Hart Headshot_Nov 2023.jpeg

Would you like to develop and improve your professional presentation and communication skills in the workplace?
Read my bio below to see how I can help you.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Professional Diploma in Contemporary Vocal Teaching (The Voice College)

  • Transformative Confidence and Performance Coach Certification (Ali Campbell Coaching Academy)

  • BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performing Arts (Demontfort University)

  • Vocal Health First Aid Certification (Vocal Health Education) - ongoing training

  • British Voice Association membership – ongoing training

  • Teach Voice Academy membership – ongoing training

Experience and Coaching Style:

Dynamic, Curious, Compassionate

Cathy is an experienced voice and confidence coach, helping business leaders develop their voices and explore their personal and professional vocal potential. Cathy is passionate about helping clients become more confident communicators and feel secure in their vocal presentation.


Cathy is insightful and can identify patterns across behaviours (through body language, verbal and non-verbal cues) that may be affecting the voice and it’s use. Cathy can adapt her teaching style to suit the client and diagnose the immediate steps that need to be taken to implement fast and lasting changes. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable in the field of voice science and can explain vocal function and technical exercises in real world language to aid understanding and make the information easily applicable. Cathy prides herself on creating a safe, inclusive and supportive environment in which to explore the client’s needs and goals. Cathy believes that it is important to develop a strong, compelling vocal presence that aligns with the personality and ideals of the client and feels authentic to them. By including work on mindset, body language, speech and movement, Cathy can help to reset the mindset blocks that may be holding a client back when presenting and communicating in a business environment.


Cathy consistently receives positive feedback on coaching sessions, and clients comment on how fascinating and fun the process is. It is often described as life changing! The tools and techniques explored often have a positive impact on the client’s personal life as well as their professional environment.

The voice is a vital, fascinating and complex component of effective communication and can be affected by so many hidden factors. As a Vocal Health First Aider, Cathy can also identify physiological issues that may be limiting a client’s progress and will provide referrals to suitable clinicians when required.


In addition to working with corporate clients, Cathy is a senior tutor and mentor for The Voice College, training voice professionals online from all over the world. Cathy also runs a busy private vocal coaching studio in Herefordshire and leads three contemporary adult show choirs – that equates to teaching over three hundred voice users a week!


“The sessions with Cathy proved very helpful, providing tangible exercises and techniques to make my voice stronger. Thank you.”


“Cathy is a great coach. I came to her for help after losing confidence in my voice following lockdown. She was quick to identify the blocks I’d created and gave great insights into what was stopping me from progressing. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others instead of just embracing what we have to offer. Cathy is empathetic and intuitive, fun and encouraging, and always on your side. I highly recommend her.’


“Cathy is helpful and informative, fun, easy to get along with and doesn’t make you feel self-conscious. I can’t believe the difference in just a few sessions."


“Cathy is friendly, warm, and honest. She is a wonderful and very patient coach; we have now been working together for 3 months. In this short time, I have developed so much so that I can hardly believe it is my voice I hear. Cathy has encouraged and motivated me to develop my voice. Cathy’s professionalism, excellent ability to communicate and unlimited patience whilst in the pursuit to develop my confidence and style makes her in my book an inspirational coach. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to develop their voice and confidence.


“I suffered a vocal injury after surgery two years ago that left my voice ‘changed.’ I rely on my voice for work, but I couldn’t speak clearly or loudly and it destroyed my confidence. After multiple sessions with other specialists and coaches, there was little change and I felt hopeless. A colleague recommended Cathy and, to my surprise, I made progress in the very first session. It was such a relief! Cathy listened to my frustrations, assessed my voice through practical exercises and insightful questions. The exercises we did made sense, built gradually every session, and helped to release tension and strengthen my voice. The mindset work we did was eye opening and helped just as much as the vocal exercises. We also had fun! Thank you for giving me my voice and confidence back. I’m so pleased I found you!”

“Coaching sessions with Cathy always feel engaging, exciting and innovative, and she pays close attention to all aspects of the voice and the voice user, even down to the smaller details of posture, actions and intention. She appears to have endless knowledge of her subject, and I’m learning so much about something that I previously took for granted and just expected to work without proper consideration or preparation……my voice! Thank you for all your help.”

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