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Perfect for small or large groups, workshops & masterclasses

can be themed or technique focused.


"The joy of singing without fear is very liberating!"


Singing has many positive health benefits, both physical and psychological. Learning how to express yourself vocally, physically and emotionally can have huge positive effects on other areas of your life too. The great news is that you don't have to be the best or most accomplished singer to experience these benefits!

You just have to sing!

For example, learning how to sing and speak with good posture can help you regain physical alignment and good breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety, tension and stress. All of this establishes balance throughout your body (which is your instrument as a whole) and has a freeing effect on your voice. The joy of singing without fear is very liberating! Learning how to reduce tension in your body and voice can help you to communicate efficiently and project your ideas with confidence. This is beneficial in both a leisure and business capacity. Who doesn't want to have their (true) voice heard?

Are you looking for something creative and expressive for your social or business group to do? Looking to develop team building and communication skills? Would you like to build your confidence by understanding more about balanced, healthy vocal technique, and body language? Would you like to learn how to express yourself freely and with confidence? Would you like to learn why and how INTENTION informs everything that we do and is a crucial part of singing and all vocal expression? Would you like to get rid of the nagging doubt that your voice (spoken or sung) isn't good or strong enough?

Whatever your requirements, I can tailor-make a workshop or masterclass to suit your needs. With a musical theme or specific goal in mind, I can develop a half-day or full-day workshop to inspire and develop your group of singers. The sessions are very interactive, applying technique directly into practical exercises that are fun and low-pressure. I believe that theory is only useful when applied through practice and strive to create a fun, encouraging and supportive environment where everyone can explore their vocal possibilities without fear of judgement or failure. We make the best sounds when we are relaxed and not trying too hard!

No experience is necessary. I am just as comfortable working with a group of people who have never met or sung together before as I am working with a group who are already more experienced with singing and performing. I believe that every day is a school day (although many participants say they wish school had been as much fun as one of these workshops!) so there is always something new to learn. 

If you are interested in finding out more about booking a workshop or masterclass,

please contact me for a no obligation chat x

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